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Benefits of cloth bags to reduce global warming.

Cloth bags are mostly used as reusable shopping bags. Especially nowadays, most stores use cloth bags instead of plastic bags. Cloth bags also help reduce waste because they are reused. Can help reduce global warming. With a perfect fit for the way of traveling in everyday life. Easy to carry and

Benefits of liver

Liver is a food that both people like and dislike due to its unique taste and texture. But it cannot be denied that the liver’s benefits are good for health in many ways because the liver is considered a source of many nutrients, including iron, vitamin A, vitamin

How to cure diarrhea you can do it yourself.

When talking about diarrhea  is often found in people of all genders and ages. Whether it be infants, teenagers, adults, or the elderly. Which diarrhea is cause by eating undercook food. And contaminated with various bacteria If you eat it, you will have Symptoms include. Watery diarrhea, nausea, and in some

Chrysanthemum juice, ancient recipe, sweet and juicy herbal drink.

Chrysanthemum is an herb that has the effect of being a cooling medicine and has many medicinal properties, such as relieving internal heat and thirst, Chrysanthemum juice providing refreshment, nourishing the blood, and improving the efficiency of blood circulation. Nourish and maintain eyesight It also